Embracing the age of online international exposure

By Mallika Dutta

Master of Management (Marketing) student Mallika Dutta takes us inside the Global Business Practicum.

If there is one thing I have learnt in 2020, it is to be agile.

Completing the first year of my Master’s degree online exposed me to unanticipated challenges and a whirlpool of complexities. Pursuing the Global Business Practicum had been a dream of mine, ever since I received my offer to study at Melbourne Business School.

I applied to the Global Business Practicum to become better equipped as a Marketer: to improve my capability in finding solutions to global problems, adapting and manoeuvring through the ‘new normal’.

Malika Dutta
Mallika Dutta.

My student team were assigned to Two Hands, a company based out of Shanghai and Melbourne with roots in ethical supply and block-chain technology. Our task was to design a product launch for the Chinese market, allocating our three weeks of the project period across research; analysing market trends; and strategising viable marketing and financial plans for profitable business development.

The Global Business Practicum taught me how to effectively communicate my ideas and manage the expectations of stakeholders from a remote setting. I learnt to work with team members across different time zones and together we pitched an online 40-minute presentation to board members. As a team, we felt ecstatic after delivering our final presentation and received meaningful feedback from our host company, which we later incorporated into our report. Delivering a presentation online helped me work on projecting my voice, body language, and keeping my audience engaged, all of which are essential for any professional pitch.

Prior to the project period, the subject curriculum also included content on fundamentals of consulting and report writing, which were extremely valuable in shaping the final deliverables that my team submitted to our host.

The Global Business Practicum enables holistic development, as I was not only able to apply my theoretical knowledge and skills to a real-world business problem, but also to enhance my soft skills of teamwork and time management.

Collaborating with my team and host is what made the learning process most memorable. All team members were transparent about their progress, empathetic and respectful of diverse opinions. We spent a month focusing on completing our project and remained motivated towards developing a problem-solving mindset in the face of adversity. I am grateful to Two Hands, for providing my team with a learning experience which encouraged us to be critical and creative.

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I am convinced that the Global Business Practicum has made me industry-ready, with the first of many online client pitches and professional experiences. Therefore, I would encourage all students to shed their inhibitions and pursue the remote Global Business Practicum - it is guaranteed to make you feel confident and ready to enter a rapidly evolving working environment. The subject is intensive but realistic, and a great way to test what you are passionate about.