Embracing every opportunity

By Grace Chen

After winning the EY Survive the Panel Competition, entrepreneur and Master of Management (HR) alum Aimee Church has taken the business world by storm.

Church with her friend and lecturer at Harvard Business School

Church embraced the opportunities offered to her during her masters studies, and also completed a study abroad at Harvard University as well as an internship at Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV). We invited her to reflect about the opportunities and lessons that she learnt on her university journey.

Why did you choose to study the Master of Management (HR) at Melbourne Business School (MBS)?

When looking at Human Resources courses I wanted to ensure that I was studying at a world-class institution and Melbourne Business School has a global reputation, so the decision was easy! A degree from MBS can take you places. In terms of reputation, there really is no substitute.

What did you most enjoy about the program?

I enjoyed the real-world application of a case study based approach to learning. I’ve applied what I learnt into the workplace, so I can see clear outcomes of the degree.

I attended a three-week Study Abroad program at Harvard University too. This experience helped me to open my mind up to more global business perspectives and provided me with avenues to be able to pursue overseas work in future.

I am thankful for all the global opportunities that are provided. Not all Universities are able to offer such great enrichment activities. Aimee Church

What other enrichment opportunities did you take up?

I completed an internship with RACV and was working in HR, mostly in recruitment. The most rewarding part of the program was the amount of autonomy that I had. My skills were developed to the point where I could handle my own portfolio, which was very empowering. Importantly, the program gave me an avenue to put into practice all the theory that we have learned!

Church winning the 2017 EY 'Survive the Panel' Competition

You won the EY ‘Survive the Panel’ competition where students from around the country had the opportunity to pitch a new start-up idea. Over 270 teams applied, four made it to the final and you won! Tell us about this experience and what it means for your career?

To be honest I didn’t expect to get as far as I did, I’m still in a little bit of shock! In fact, another University of Melbourne team took out second prize and won the people’s choice award. A great result for the home side!

My idea was a virtual reality language app, where people can learn via immersion. I’ve never pitched an idea to anyone, let alone to a room of 80 people, so the concept was quite intimidating. Fortunately, EY provided me with a mentor, Robert Dalton, who helped shape my product into a business – a valuable lesson for any entrepreneur!

What has been the most valuable lesson you have gained from studying at MBS?

MBS teaches students a lot about the power of networking, and provides opportunities to meet the right people. This has possibly been one of the most useful competencies that I’ve developed.

One of the most important lessons that I’ve gained at MBS is the importance of having a supportive network around you.

I have met some incredible people who have challenged me, built up my confidence and empowered me to pursue things that I would have otherwise thought were outside my reach. Aimee Church

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