Coming together to say thank you

By Kurt Fong

As 2017 draws to a close we take the time to say thank you to those who have given back to the Faculty.

The Annual Deans’ Thank You Event is a great opportunity to bring together volunteers, mentors, and donors for a celebration of their contributions. Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Paul Kofman hosted over 80 guests who have given back to our Faculty in a variety of ways.

It was an important opportunity to express our gratitude to our Faculty’s donors, mentors, volunteers and other likeminded supporters. Professor Paul Kofman

With the growth of the Career Mentor Program the Faculty has been able to pair even more mentees with mentors for valuable advice and industry expertise. One of those taking the time to meet with students as a mentor is Lisa Chen, an Alumna and previous mentee herself. “As a student, I had the opportunity to work with a mentor which came to be such a valuable experience for me. I want to help the students today in the same way that meant so much to me as a student.”

Deans Thank you
Mentors and students sharing experiences at the Deans’ Thank You Event

Tim Holt has found a different way to give back to the Faculty. As a student Tim found that some of his most valuable and helpful interactions came from genuine conversations with alumni about their own journeys. Because of these interactions Tim has spoken at various events including an Orientation Week panel discussion about what student life is like, study options, and employment pathways after study. “I wanted to give back to the Faculty that gave me so much, and in a way that I know made a difference during my own experience at university”.

Mentors and students sharing experiences at the Deans’ Thank You Event

Vu Long Tran, a second-year Bachelor Commerce student, gave the annual student speech at the event, touching on how the Commerce Opportunity Bursary shaped his student experience. “Thanks to my scholarship I was given the opportunity to explore ventures that I wanted. I’ve never met my donor, but because of their contribution there’s an everlasting gratitude I have that keeps us connected. All of the connections between donors and recipients have created a community of incredible like-minded individuals.”

The festivities continued with volunteers, mentors and donors taking the time to speak with staff and each other about their own involvement in the Faculty. And, as Vu spoke about, our community continued to grew stronger.

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