Choose Melbourne: Jenna Oh

By Seth Robinson

For many international students, choosing where to study can be a challenge. It means comparing rankings, finding out about the culture and educational system of a country, speaking to their family and friends, and in some cases visiting. The choice is often split between the United States, the United Kingdom, and studying here, in Australia. Jenna Oh did her undergraduate studies in the United States, now, she’s come to Melbourne, where she’s currently studying the Master of Management (Accounting).

Jenna studied Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, before travelling and returning to her home country of Korea. When her feet began to itch again, she moved to Singapore, where she worked with Apple, before deciding to pursue further studies in Accounting.

Student headshot
Jenna Oh

“I’d spent a lot of time travelling at that point. I love travelling, I love seeing the world, which is part of why I chose to come to Australia, but at the same time I decided I wanted a career with some stability.

I chose the Master of Management (Accounting), because it checked all the boxes for me: I’d had a corporate job that made me realise how important it is to have business acumen if you want to climb the corporate ladder, and I’d always wanted to learn more about how companies work as a whole, as opposed to parts of the value chain,” she says.

“Accounting is often called the language of business. I feel like my studies are giving me a solid foundation in understanding the business world and the value creation process. Maybe that’s why one in four CEOs are now chartered accountants.”

The Master of Management (Accounting) is aimed at students who have an undergraduate degree in areas outside of business/commerce, who wish to practice accountancy. Learn about financial and managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate finance, and accounting information systems.

Learn more about the Master of Management (Accounting).

Having already experienced the United States, Jenna decided she wanted to undertake her post-graduate studies in either Australia or the UK. Ultimately, it was Australia that came out on top, with Melbourne itself being the major draw card.

“When I travel, I think about the weather a lot, that’s really important, so that was definitely one way Australia beat the UK. I’m also a huge fan of the arts, so that was one of the things that pulled me towards Melbourne, and the university itself has such a fantastic reputation.” And it’s a reputation that has lived up to Jenna’s expectations. “When I think about my experience of Australia, I like to compare it to my undergrad in the States. It’s a very different vibe, everyone here is nicer, and more relaxed. I think it’s an environment that’s more conducive to learning, because your professors and classmates are all much more approachable. It’s a really challenging course, but you feel supported. I think more Korean students should come here. It’s a great community.”

Now, Jenna feels as though she’s found the stability she wanted, and is heading in the right direction. “I was afraid at first, but coming here was a reality check that settled all of that for me. I’ve met some great people, and I’ve learned so much! Changing disciplines from Political Science to Accounting was hard, but I feel confident, and a knowledgeable now. It was a risk that’s completely paid off!”

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