Australian Economic Review: March 2018

Investments outside of Australia’s mining industry, income inequality in New Zealand, and macroeconomic policies post GFC are among the issues highlighted in the new Australian Economic Review.

Published quarterly, the journal has a strong policy focus, and presents research and analysis of topics relevant to both economic and social issues.

The articles in the March edition include:

The Australian Economy in 2017-19: The Importance of Stronger Non-Mining Business Investment Growth

Researchers explore recent developments in the Australian economy and its prospects this year, with an emphasis on investing outside of mining.

Income Inequality in New Zealand

This article examines how income inequality changed between 1935-2017 in New Zealand.

Macroeconomic Policies after the Global Financial Crisis

A series of articles explores a theme that has been a major policy focus since the Global Financial Crisis: how to carry out monetary and fiscal policies in a low interest rate environment.

You can view the full issue here.