An appetite for learning

By Seth Robinson

For International Students, there are a few things that go into picking their destination. This includes culture, education (of course), and food. For Taiwanese student Yu-Te Wu, coming to Melbourne meant he would get a world-class education and a chance to expand his palate.

Yu-Te Wu came to Australia to study Marketing. He’d completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration and decided he wanted to hone his marketing skills overseas.

Yu-Te Wu.

“I like marketing because it’s close to people, and the real world. There’s space for some innovative thinking that you don’t get when it comes to other disciplines. It also means that you can work for different companies, across various industries and countries.”

With that in mind, Yu-Te enrolled in the Master of Management (Marketing) at MBS. It was a move that gave him the skills he needed to enhance his skillset. MBS also opened up opportunities like the Business Practicum.

“I did the Business Practicum with ANZ where we worked with their corporate social responsibility department. Our team worked on building an app that brought different charities together so people could compare organisations and decide which ones they liked, and donate if they wanted to.

The idea came from acknowledging that people have good hearts, but they want to learn more about the charity before they donate to it.”

Yu-Te was drawn to MBS by projects like the *Business Practicum and the challenging curriculum, however there are other, culinary, perks to living in Melbourne.

“The food here is really impressive to me. I’ve travelled to England before, and the food was disappointing. When I moved to Melbourne I was a little afraid it would be similar, but food here is fantastic, and the transportation system makes it easy to get around, explore, and try new things. There are also lots of Asian groceries, so if I want to cook Taiwanese food and have a taste of home, I can.”

For students coming to Australia, or MBS, Yu-Te has some advice.

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“It’s really important to set short-term and long-term goals before coming to Melbourne. They should be measurable, and achievable. For example, you want to attend a certain number of networking events, or take a specific class. You need to set goals to make the most of your time and your studies so you come out on the other side after graduation and you and know how to utilise your skills and knowledge, and get the job you want.”


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