Alumni Profile: Luke Nankervis

Luke Nankervis is a Buying and Trading Graduate at Coles.
Luke Nankervis, Coles.

Where are you working now?

I am currently completing my second year on the Coles’ Graduate Program. In my first year as a Graduate, I worked as part of the People and Culture function, which included providing HR support for team members in the Coles Liquor brands. I’ve recently  completed a crossfunctional move into the Merchandise function, where I’m currently gaining valuable experience in buying, trading and category management for our Supermarket stores.

What was your most memorable moment in Management Consulting?

Being assigned to a small strategic human resources and communications agency, M&P Partners, was a really amazing opportunity for our team. We were asked to take thought leadership on employee engagement and create a framework for the agency to use with clients. Due to the highly academic nature of our task, the most memorable moments were the collaboration sessions our team had both in the classroom and with the client. There were often passionate and profound discussions that really enabled us to develop our final findings for the client - these were where our best ideas came from.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new students doing the subject?

Make the most of who your client is, big or small! Students who are assigned to small organisations, like we were, are given a wonderful opportunity to make a very significant impact. For us, M&P Partners was our opportunity to provide the two key consultants with research, a framework and methodology to better service their client’s requests. For me, this opportunity provided me with many key learnings that I’ve since gone on to apply within a much larger organisation.

If you had to describe your Management Consulting experiences in three words, what would they be?

1. Research
2. Conceptualise
3. Collaborate

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