Alumni Profile: Julia Rambaldi

Julia Rambaldi is a Consulting Finance Analyst at Deloitte.
Julia Rambaldi, Deloitte

Where are you working now?

I am working as a Consulting Finance Analyst at Deloitte. Every day I am fortunate to work on client sites with a highly intelligent, diverse and energetic team to address both the opportunities and constraints facing CFOs today and tomorrow. Currently I am using innovation and technology to build a tool which will assist in the budgeting, planning and forecasting process for our client. Prior to this, I worked in the Restructuring industry as an accountant advising financially distressed companies.

What was your most memorable moment in Management Consulting?

Participating in Management Consulting was easily my most rewarding experience as a university student. The experience truly helped me confirm what I want out of my career today. Our client was SecondBite, a national not-for-profit that repurposes surplus fresh food and vegetables to feed the two million food insecure Australians and recover some of the $8 billion worth of wasted fresh food a year. Our team assisted in the feasibility of creating a Social Enterprise (“The Ugly Juice Truck”) to establish a sustainable income stream which would inject money into the core services of SecondBite. The most memorable moment of this project was experiencing our creativity transform into a real-life fruit juice  truck. Our hard-work had paid off and we all had a very high sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new students doing the subject?

Ask questions. It’s simple but something often taken for granted. Continually ask yourself, your team, and most importantly your client if  you are adding real value to their business. The most valuable skill-set developed in this subject is the ability to deal with ambiguity. Trust the judgment of your team and test the theories taught at university to remove road-blocks and provide your client with creative solutions. Also, take advantage of the resources at-hand to help you reach your solution.

If you had to describe your Management Consulting experiences in three words, what would they be?

1. Practical
2. Challenging
3. Rewarding

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