A New Beginning

By Seth Robinson

Study is so often the beginning of something new, of new experiences, a new place, and a new career. More often than not we think of this as taking place early in life, but for some, like Master of Management student Hanan Ghandor, it comes later. For Hanan, study was a chance for a fresh start.

Hanan completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting, in Egypt. Since moving to Australia and becoming a citizen, she’s started a family, and now works in aged care. However, for Hanan, there was always a desire to return to study, to upskill, and pursue a career more in line with her accounting background. With this in mind, Hanan enrolled in the Master of Management (Accounting and Finance).

Hanan Ghandor
- Hanan Ghandor.

“I’ve been working for a long time, at a nursing home, which is very different to any of my studies. I reached a point where I decided I needed a change, to find something that was more inspiring for me. I collected all of my records and my paperwork and went to visit different universities. What actually decided it for me was meeting Professor Nasser Spear, and having a conversation with him about what my options were and what the MBS experience was like.”

Now, Hanan is balancing part-time work and study with the commitments of having a family.

“I have two kids, my daughter in year 10 and my son in year 8, so they’re 16 and 14 respectively. Now we study together every night. We have a round table where everyone comes and sits, where previously they spent that time studying in their rooms. I think having me go back and study has been really encouraging for them. I like to think I’ve been a good role model in that regard, showing them that you can always go back to change things and make yourself happy.”

With a full semester behind her, Hanan has found a rhythm and adapted to a new learning style.

“Studying at MBS is completely different to my previous experience. Before, it was always about taking these giant books, and memorising them just long enough to sit an exam. The model here is much more engaging, it’s about taking the ideas and theories and learning how to apply them yourself, out in the world. The teaching style is different as well, I feel incredibly supported at MBS. Everyone is helpful, my teachers, tutors, and the other students are always happy to have a conversation.”

The Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) provides students with advanced knowledge and skills across two disciplines. Through a combination of core and elective subjects, you'll prepare yourself for entry into the fields of finance or accounting. Take on a business consulting subject, gain industry exposure through real life case studies, and immerse yourself in the diverse and high-achieving Melbourne Business School community.

Learn more about the Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) here.

Hanan has some advice for students pursuing their own studies.

“When you’re there, try to enjoy every minute, soak up the things that are happening around you. Listen to the people around you, because the more you hear different people’s stories, the more you’ll learn. I think that’s one of the most important lessons in life,” she says. “I didn’t try as much in my previous university experience. I’m so happy I got the chance to come to the University of Melbourne, It’s the best experience I’ve had in my entire life. I’m so happy to be a part of this community, it’s opened my eyes to the possibilities here as well, to give back, to work, and to continue learning.”