A Focus on Learning

By Seth Robinson

Siddharth Gupta was always focused on his goal of becoming an accountant, and he knew the road he wanted to take to get there, straight through MBS.

Siddharth Gupta studied finance and accounting at the University of Delhi before going on to work for KPMG in India. Having spent a couple years in the workforce, Siddharth decided it was time to hone his skills and pursue a master’s degree.

‘I wanted to attend a business school with a global reputation, so that was my jumping off point. I did my research, and from there I chose MBS because they offered the Master of Management (Accounting and Finance). It was the only program I found that offered that unique blend.’

Siddharth Gupta
Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) alum, Siddharth Gupta

Studying at MBS also offered Siddharth an experience that different to his undergraduate degree in India.

‘Studying India is a bit more of what I would call an “old school” experience, more textbook based, or like a traditional classroom. Here you have lectures that are very interactive, and there is a lot of engagement with your peers. Lots of my professors also come from within the industry, so they were able to speak to that experience directly and give us a taste of what the working world was like. I found those classes really invaluable,’ he says. ‘There’s also a lot of emphasis placed on the extra-curricular, on getting involved with opportunities to learn outside the classroom. I got very involved with the student societies during my post graduate studies, such as the MBS Students Association (MBSSA).’

Siddharth also went on to start the Indian Graduate Student Society (IGSS), a legacy that lives on to this day.

‘My friend and I started IGSS in 2016, because we’d both started at the university and noticed that while there were societies catering to a lot of international students, there wasn’t a society for Indian Students. IGSS offers that sense of community and connection right from the get-go, we started a buddy program, and planned celebrations for Indian festivals. I think communities like that are really important for international students, it can be really tough when you’ve moved from overseas and you’re trying to get your bearings in a new city.’

Now, Siddharth is working as an accountant at Provision, a role that he enjoys because of the hands-on nature of his work.

‘I’ve really come to enjoy working with a smaller organisation, I think it allows me to learn more and take on additional responsibilities to those you might have working in a bigger organisation. I can also see the real-world impact of what I do every day, I work a lot with optometrists, so I’m part of an organisation that helps people restore their vision.’

The Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) provides students with advanced knowledge and skills across two disciplines. Through a combination of core and elective subjects, you'll prepare yourself for entry into the fields of finance or accounting. Take on a business consulting subject, gain industry exposure through real life case studies, and immerse yourself in the diverse and high-achieving Melbourne Business School community.

Learn more about the Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) here.

Siddharth is currently working on his CPA qualification, a journey he started while studying in the Master of Management (Accounting and Finance).

‘The CPA requires you to have 3 years of professional experience, and to complete six subjects. With my studies in the Master of Management, all my foundational subjects were clear. I’ve just submitted two exams together, and I’m waiting for my results in December. If I pass, I’ll just have one more to go. The subjects I’m studying tie in with my work as well, so my manager has been really supportive in answering my questions. I think the CPA has really helped me, not just in developing my accounting skills, but in helping me to understand the bigger picture of the business.’

Banner image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash