Global Management Consulting - Berlin 2017

Cameron Andrew Gregory, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance Major)
Cameron Andrew Gregory, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance Major)

The unique opportunity to work within a team of highly motivated individuals, advise on a real-case business scenario with tangible outcomes, and the self-knowledge acquired during the program made Global Management Consulting the most valuable experience I have undertaken to date.

When my plane touched down at Berlin’s Tegel Airport, I felt capable and prepared. Upon meeting our point of contact at REMONDIS International and being briefed on the task we would be undertaking over the next two weeks, our team left feeling a bit disconcerted, yet calm. We were required to perform in-depth analytical research into the scrap tyre industry, and from our research, perform a feasibility study with respect to a possible market service expansion. The unfamiliarity of the industry and the level of independence required surprised us all.

However, despite the complexity of the task presented before us, our team prevailed. Led by a common goal to provide the best advice we could to a client that had been so appreciative of our presence, along with the strong friendships we developed between ourselves over delicious restaurant outings and late nights, we presented our findings and recommendations with immense satisfaction and pride.

This was no easy feat. Without recognising the diversity within our team, and drawing on our strengths to overcome our weaknesses, we would not have been able to present a finished product.

The unique experiences and perspectives we brought to the table were crucial in our overall success. Cameron Andrew Gregory

Whilst the opportunity to travel abroad and provide meaningful advice was undoubtedly an enriching experience, the most valuable aspect of the program were the life lessons I took away from it on a personal level. The GMC not only gave me the opportunity to test my abilities and apply my knowledge, it gave me a chance to learn; both about an industry I never truly contemplated, my own personal characteristics, and the importance of strong teamwork. I left Berlin excited for the future success of REMONDIS, and excited for the potential pathways my degree can unlock for me.

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