Alumni Profile: Jacky Yau

Jacky Yau
Jacky Yau is a Consultant at Deloitte.
Where are you working now?

I returned to Deloitte after the Management Consulting subject and am now working as a Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte’s strategy consulting practice. Having been at Deloitte for about one and a half years, I’ve had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with some of the most incredible people I know across a broad range of projects and industries, including public sector, not-for-profits, consumer & industrial products, financial services and manufacturing. I now work primarily in mergers and acquisitions and commercial strategy for the consumer and industrial products sector group, and I am loving what I do!

Did your experience in Management Consulting influence your career path?

The question my team was assigned as part of the Management Consulting subject was around how to position Australian agriculture for the future. While agriculture is not the first thing that comes to mind for students studying the Bachelor of Commerce (or at least it wasn’t for me), it has actually had an incredibly large influence on my career. First and foremost, I had the opportunity to work and form networks with not only my team but my future colleagues at Deloitte. As an added bonus to that, agriculture has actually become my main sector of interest and even allowed me to claim a degree of expertise when I was doing a commercialisation strategy piece of work around ground-breaking lobster aquaculture technology. I find agriculture an incredible industry and a core part of Australia’s history – and hopefully its future too.

What was your most memorable moment in Management Consulting?

My most memorable moment in Management Consulting was the moment we as a team realised what we were able to accomplish over such a short period of time, and the incredible importance of networks - and that not everything is available on the internet! Over the course of the subject we interviewed multiple experts within Deloitte all with unique perspectives – from food scientists, to partners working directly with some of the largest agribusinesses in Australia. We even had the opportunity to interview Professor Snow Barlow at the University of Melbourne, a former member of the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council

If you had to describe your Management Consulting experiences in three words, what would they be?

1. Curiosity
2. Teamwork
3. Mastery