Are Australians Ageist?

Free Public Lecture

Are Australians Ageist?

Theatre 2
207 Bouverie Street
207 Bouverie Street


With an increasingly ageing population in Australia, what exactly do we think about ‘older people’? Join Dr Josh Healy, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Workplace Leadership, and Dr Ruth Williams, Academic Convenor of the Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative, as they discuss their new research into Australians’ attitudes to older people. Josh and Ruth will be joined by Age Discrimination Commissioner, The Honourable Dr Kay Patterson, as well as industry leaders, for a discussion on how Australians’ attitudes to ageing could impact the future of the workplace in Australia. There will also be a debut screening of the University of Melbourne’s new film about the study, including some revealing anecdotes from members of the public on their attitudes to ageing.


  • The Honourable Dr Kay Patterson
    The Honourable Dr Kay Patterson, Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Dr Ruth Williams
    Dr Ruth Williams, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Josh Healy
    Dr Josh Healy, Centre for Workplace Leadership