Marketing Seminar - Professor Sridhar Moorthy

Seminar Room 10.039, The Spot Building (198 Berkeley St)


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PRESENTER: Professor Sridhar Moorthy (University of Toronto)
TOPIC: “On the marketing of experience goods: the case of movies”  

Nelson (1970, 1974), in a series of seminal papers, discussed the unique marketing challenges experience goods face. Whereas advertising for search goods can be directly informative—because those claims are verifiable before purchase—advertising for experience goods can only be indirectly informative, via advertising spending. In this paper we examine the marketing strategy of movies to identify which of these mechanisms might be going on. The data suggest that movies follow two distinct types of marketing strategies, depending on their assets at birth, and later in the lifecycle. However, despite these differences, a single idea unifies all movie marketing: advertise your strong search attributes. Distribution strategy simply dovetails advertising strategy.

Sridhar Moorthy holds the Manny Rotman Chair in Marketing at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and is also a Senior Consultant at Charles River Associates. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, and has taught previously at Rochester, Yale, INSEAD, UCLA, and Wharton. Moorthy is an expert in the application of economics to marketing problems.  His current research examines strategic issues in branding, advertising, and retailing, focusing particularly on the impact of the Internet on marketing practice.  He is an Associate Editor (and past Co-Editor) of Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Associate Editor of Management Science, member of the editorial board of Journal of Marketing Research, and coauthor of the textbook Marketing Models (Prentice Hall). Dr. Moorthy has served as a Vice President (Education) of the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science and provided expert testimony in a number of legal cases.

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