Management Seminar - Professor David Allen

Seminar Room 10.039, the Spot Building, 198 Berkeley Street


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Dr Daejeong Choi

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PRESENTER: Professor David Allen (Texas Christian University)
TOPIC: “The Network Architecture of Human Capital: A Relational Identity Perspective”

Managing constellations of employee relationships is a core competency in knowledge-based organizations. It is timely, then, that human resource management (HRM) scholars and practitioners are adopting an increasingly relational view of HR. Whereas this burgeoning stream of research predominantly positions relationships as pathways for the transmission of resources, we shift attention by spotlighting that the interplay between HR practices and informal relationships perforate deeper than resource flows; they also influence how individuals view and define themselves in the context of their dyadic and collective relationships. Moreover, because HR practices routinely involve human capital movement into, within, and out of the organization, these practices have implications for the network architecture of organizations. We integrate the social network perspective (Borgatti & Halgin, 2011) with the theory of relational identity (Sluss & Ashforth, 2007) to present a relational theory of HRM that informs how modifications to internal social structures stimulated by HR practices can influence individual outcomes by transforming individuals’ self-concepts as relationships are gained, altered, and lost.

Professor David Allen is Associate Dean of graduate programs in Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. David is also the current Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Management. He is a prolific and respected researcher in strategic human capital, talent management, employee turnover, executive turnover and employment relationships. Allen has received numerous research and teaching awards and has an impressive list of research publications in Top tier journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Organization Science, Personnel Psychology, and Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice. His Google citation is more than 9000. He is also co-author of a book, Managing Employee Turnover: Dispelling Myths and Fostering Evidence-Based Retention Strategies. He earned PhD from Georgia State University and previously was professor and department chair at Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations.

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