Yinuo Pan | Master of Management (Finance)

Yinuo had her long-term career goal figured out: she knew she wanted to start her own company one day. She also knew that a Master of Management from Melbourne Business School was an essential step on her path to entrepreneurship.

“I chose to study at Melbourne Business School (MBS) because of its reputation as one of the top business schools in the Asia-Pacific region,” Yinuo said. “The University of Melbourne is known for high-quality education, research opportunities and career prospects.”

Although Yinuo was set on attending Melbourne Business School, she knew that moving overseas to study would bring budgetary challenges. She was grateful to receive financial support from the University, which eased the burden of accommodation costs. “I was fortunate to be awarded several scholarships, including a Housing Bursary, a Donald Mackay Memorial Grant and a Welcome Grant,” she said. “These scholarships are offered to students in financial need who live away from home to attend university. This support was invaluable to me, greatly reducing my financial stress and allowing me to concentrate on my studies.”

In addition to acting as a Melbourne Business School Student Ambassador, Yinuo enjoyed participating in extracurricular learning opportunities, which she found exciting and rewarding. “For example, I took part in the Business Innovation Lab, a collaborative space where students from different disciplines work together to solve business problems,” she explained. Yinuo also planned to participate in University of Melbourne’s Grand Challenges initiative, a cross-faculty learning experience featuring a real industry project. “Extracurricular activities like these provide great opportunities to meet new people and develop teamwork and problem-solving skills,” Yinuo said.

Yinuo Pan, Master of Management (Finance) - right

In fact, meeting and collaborating with new people was one of Yinuo’s favourite aspects of her program overall. “I found it exciting to get to know people from different parts of the world and work together towards a common goal. It was a great learning experience to hear different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, which I believe will be beneficial for my future career as an entrepreneur.”

Yinuo’s sense of clarity regarding her career goals was enhanced through career workshops offered by Melbourne Business School. “These workshops provided me with the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with my peers and tutors, and to reflect on what I wanted to do in the future,” she said. “I learned to start small and lay a solid foundation for my dream of starting my own company.”

“My advice to someone thinking about applying for the Melbourne Business School would be to take advantage of all the opportunities the School has to offer, including internships, guest lectures and extracurricular activities. The School provides a rigorous and challenging academic experience, but also offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth. A range of events throughout the year also provide the chance to connect with other students and alumni. I think Melbourne Business School is an excellent choice for anyone looking to further their career in business, and I'm grateful for the experiences and knowledge I've gained from studying there.”

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