Glenn Pandelaki | Master of Management

Studying at the University of Melbourne was a long-term goal for Glenn Pandelaki. So, when the opportunity arose for him to undertake a Master of Management (Finance) on a full scholarship, he took it.

“While in high school, I participated in an exchange program in Melbourne. As soon as I arrived, I really loved this city, which is known as one of the most liveable cities in the world,” said Glenn. "I visited the University of Melbourne back then and was immediately impressed. The fact that it is among the best universities in Australia, and the world, also contributed to my decision to study there.”

With a decade of experience in the financial sector already, and a full scholarship from his employer Bank Indonesia, Glenn sought out a program that would upskill his knowledge and keep him at the forefront of the industry. “Melbourne Business School (MBS) doesn’t follow a traditional curriculum. Instead, students can choose from a variety of subjects that match their interests and objectives,” explained Glenn.

Participating in subjects offering practical experience, such as Project Finance and the Global Business Practicum, provided Glenn with valuable opportunities to hone his management skills and gain a broader perspective of the daily problems he might encounter in the future. “In spite of having studied business for my undergraduate degree, my knowledge of finance and organisational management needed to be deepened to develop a holistic understanding of these topics,” said Glenn.

To ease his transition from working full-time to being on campus and taking part in student life, Glenn made sure to join plenty of clubs, while also prioritising self-discipline for his studies. “It’s important to manage your time effectively, but masters life shouldn’t be boring. I actively participated in various activities to enhance my university experience and found that community played a large role in making Australia feel like home,” said Glenn.

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Glenn Pandelaki (left), Master of Management

He was the Graduate Student Association Faculty Council representative for Business and Economics and became an MBS Student Ambassador to “gain leadership experience and give back to the University”. He also regularly attended Bible studies at the Christian Union International to learn more about his faith, and was actively involved with the Indonesian student community – with recreational sports and potluck events becoming a favourite pastime.

Being an MBS Student Ambassador allowed him to build networks with MBS academics, staff members, industry partners, and new and continuing students. And continued to expand these connections by taking part in the Business Innovation Lab. “One of my best experiences was participating in the Business Innovation Lab, in which my team also earned first place,” said Glenn. "Overall, it provided me with a whole package of soft skills I would need in university and my career, such as communication, teamwork and design thinking.”

Glenn’s practical advice to future students is to come prepared for the program they’re undertaking and its requirements, research the many scholarships MBS offers, and “connect with alumni or current students to gain insight about the program and their experience”. He also emphasised to never give up and simply be yourself. “Don’t let others or self-doubt prevent you from pursuing your goals. It’s somehow impossible until it’s done, and every journey begins with a single step,” said Glenn. “Just be yourself and focus on your strengths and experience.”

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