Edward Le | Bachelor of Commerce

Edward has always been a go getter. In high school, he served in leadership roles, participated in numerous extracurricular activities, and contributed to his western suburbs’ community through a range of volunteer activities.  His hard work was rewarded when he was not only accepted to study the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, but also received three scholarships.

“Thanks to my career counsellor, I was able to receive the Melbourne Principal’s Scholarship, which is awarded to one individual in the graduating class," Edward says. "I was also fortunate to receive a residential scholarship from Trinity College, which allows me to experience the college lifestyle, live on campus and, most importantly, eat three delicious meals a day in the dining hall free of charge! I also received an annual scholarship from Western Chances, which has introduced me to a bunch of new opportunities, including leadership workshops, being invited to Government House to meet the Governor of Victoria, and linking me with a mentor from KPMG.

“The scholarships, services and financial aid have allowed me to immerse myself in innumerable opportunities that have opened my eyes to a glorious life that I never would have imagined I could experience in my educational journey and personal growth. Thanks to the scholarships and grants I have received, I was able to purchase new devices to help with my studies and alleviate some of the financial pressures that my family and I would face in obtaining a quality education. I would like to emphasise that these scholarships have gone far beyond providing financial assistance, but have allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I am forever grateful!”

Student standing outside on an autumn day

Like many young people, Edward was drawn to a range of different careers before settling on studying the Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Finance and Management.

“When it came to choosing my majors, I learned from my high school leadership roles that I wanted to explore a career in management. I love communicating and meeting new people; you never know what knowledge and experiences you can gain from simply shaking someone’s hand and starting a conversation. With the finance major, I’ve always been interested in maths and currency. As they say, money makes the world go round, so why not learn about the why and how of that?

“The most valuable aspect of the commerce degree for me is being able to gain a diverse range of knowledge from the broad selection of subjects offered. With the breadth option, I’m not only able to complete subjects that contribute to my majors in Finance and Management, but to also explore skills outside of my course. This semester I’m completing the World Music Choir subject which provides me with a break from theory-related subjects and to simply sing.”

One of the highlights of Edward’s study experience so far has been the International Business Experience program, where he collaborated with students from O. P. Jindal Global University, discovered new insights into Indian business culture and completed a research project.

“As program participants, we had the privilege to experience Immersion Visit sessions provided by Bain & Company, KPMG India, SEWA Delhi, Craftizen Foundation, the Australian High Commission and Manvendra Singh Gohil (an Indian Prince). This has enhanced my study experience by opening my eyes to new international business approaches and has made my studies more interesting being able to communicate with people from across the globe. This subject felt more like an experience, rather than a traditional course that I have to study merely for the sake of completing it.”

In addition to studying full time, Edward is also involved in a number of University clubs and sports teams, and works as a finance broker support, private tutor and freelance graphic designer. He also works as a project support officer at Equal Ed, a social enterprise that aims to empower the community through educational services, which has led to an interest in pursuing a career in consulting.

“I hope my Bachelor of Commerce degree will provide me with the financial and managerial foundations to one day open my own business and positively impact the world. I hope to obtain a graduate position at a rewarding firm with an amazing culture to deepen my understanding of finance and business. From there, I hope to one day open my own social enterprise to continue helping my local community and continue to expand the impact on a global scale.”

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