Danica Macababbad | Bachelor of Commerce

As a high school student, Danica knew where she wanted to study, but she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to study.

“I always knew that I wanted to study at The University of Melbourne because of its amazing facilities, opportunities and academics, but I never knew what course to go into," Danica says. "When I was in Year 10, I was considering several areas such as law or psychology, but commerce wasn’t even on my radar as I wasn’t interested in any business subjects at school. However, when going into VCE, I decided to take up subjects in Business Management and Economics because my parents encouraged me to give it a go and explore further options. Eventually, these ended up being my favourite subjects in school. I became increasingly interested in the world of commerce as I came to realise that what I was learning in class could be applied to everyday life. I wanted to learn more about how I could play a role in such a fascinating field.”

After finishing top of her class in VCE Legal Studies and VCE Economics, Danica was accepted to study a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Management and Marketing. Now in her second year, Danica says that the reality of studying at the University of Melbourne has lived up to her expectations.

Danica on campus
Danica is fully embracing the university experience

“I have had such an enjoyable university experience and could not be happier!” Danica says. “I feel that the reason I enjoy studying at the University of Melbourne so much is because of the people that I have met along the way. Whether it was through my classes, clubs and societies, or even just those that I sit next to in the library, it’s been great to be able to connect with others in person again. I also love the campus life, the culture, and the fact that it is so close to the heart of the city!

“My advice for future students is to not be afraid to reach out and talk to other people. It is likely that they are also feeling nervous about starting University, so why not take the first step and make it a memorable moment that you can laugh about in the future! Who knows, these people may end up being your lifelong friends and support buddies. The people that you go through your studies with make a huge difference to how you view university life and beyond.”

Danica is enjoying her studies, and keeping her options open for the future. She would recommend a Bachelor of Commerce degree to other young people who are curious about the world and looking for a degree with practical applications.

Commerce is such an amazing discipline. First year students get to experiment and try out a range of different subjects in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and more. There is plenty of time before you have to choose your major specialisation in your second year. If you are interested in learning more about how the world works, then this degree is perfect!

Danica manages to balance full-time study with a part-time job, volunteering as a social media coordinator with a non-profit organisation, serving on the committee for several Student Union-affiliated clubs and societies, and being a Student Ambassador and a Peer Mentor for first year students.

“I’ve learned there is a lot more to university than just studying. It’s also important to put yourself out there and network with other students and professionals, explore opportunities to gain experience related to your field, and get involved in university life as much as you can to make the most of what is on offer. The opportunities at university are endless!”

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