William Ha | Master of Finance

William Ha decided to study the Master of Finance at Melbourne Business School to broaden his opportunities. It led him down a new path in financial modelling and renewable energy.

“The Master of Finance offered me the opportunity to enhance my undergraduate studies by gaining in-depth finance knowledge on both an academic and practical level. Having already done a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, it made sense to continue my studies there,” said William.

Flexible lecture options enabled William to balance full-time work with part-time study and stay engaged with his coursework. “I looked forward to watching the recorded lectures and attended tutorials and seminars in person where possible,” explained William. “It was great that there were evening classes available for me to attend after work hours.”

The Master of Finance provided William with a practical understanding of the core areas of the industry. He highlighted the Global Business Practicum as a stand-out subject and was grateful to have received a travel grant from the University to undertake it. “I went to Singapore and worked in a team of fellow students,” said William. “We consulted on a project for KPMG researching aerotropolises in the Asia-Pacific region and presented our findings to many of the KPMG team and senior staff.”

However, it was the Financial Spreadsheeting subject that opened the doors to a whole new world for William.

It ultimately led to me becoming a financial modeller and is now a core part of my professional skillset and day job.

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William Ha, Master of Finance

As a Projects and Commercial Analyst in Shell Energy’s Strategy and Portfolio Development team, William’s role centres around Shell Energy’s growth agenda in renewable energy. “I’m responsible for the modelling needed to advance large-scale renewables projects, including wind and solar farms,” said William.

“Being able to directly contribute to the energy transition and help people and businesses decarbonise is both exciting and fulfilling,” he continued. “There is no shortage of work, and I am constantly engaged, challenged and learning new things. I am surrounded by very supportive and experienced team members who have helped me get up to speed in the electricity and renewables industry.”

If his experience has taught William anything, it’s that things don’t always go according to plan – but that’s not a bad thing. “I never envisioned myself working in renewables. At one point, I would’ve confidently told you I’d stay in finance and banking. Instead, my goals are now more short-term and as long as I’m challenged, learning and progressing, then I’m quite happy.”

William’s advice to future students is to carefully consider which graduate program will offer something their undergraduate program hasn’t and to take advantage of everything the degree offers. “Start exploring opportunities early,” said William. “Apply for first-year programs, internships or work experiences. Attend networking events and speak with people already in the roles or industries you’re interested in to really understand what it involves.”


Master of Finance