Management Consulting Program - Information for Industry

10 Weeks - Bright Minds - Amazing Outcomes

Management Consulting is a final-year Bachelor of Commerce subject that brings together high-achieving students and industry professionals. Student consulting teams work on a ten week project to apply their skills and collective knowledge in completing business projects of strategic or operational importance for industry, community service and government organisations.

Read here about one of our student teams work with the Treasury Corporation of Victoria.

The students are incredibly bright and have a lot of energy. They are intelligent and well connected within their own peer groups. They bring a fresh perspective and approach, which is very valuable.

- Amanda Ralph, Head of Product at Kinetic Super.


  • You will gain access to a group of high achieving and motivated students who will work in partnership with your organisation to focus, and offer fresh perspectives, on an issue or opportunity that is of significant strategic or operational value
  • Previous clients have reported that student teams have performed exceptionally well and many have gone on to implement or commercialise proposals from their student teams
  • In addition to having specific projects completed at no cost, client organisations have a recruitment channel to identify talented potential employees
  • Intellectual property in the project report is owned solely by the client organisation.
  • Confidentiality is seriously regarded, with written agreements often being established by all parties

Choosing the right project

The Subject Director discusses the project scope, definition and skills required with the host organisation to determine the suitability of the project. Projects should:

  • Be of strategic and/or operational importance to the organisation
  • Be feasibly completed within a ten week period
  • Require the application of skills and knowledge from business disciplines
  • Address an open ended question that requires critical thinking and problem solving

How it works

  • After your project proposal has been accepted, your organisation will be assigned a team of students who will spend one half day per week at your organisation over a ten week period during a semester.
  • The students will engage in extensive research and analysis as their bedrock for generating key project findings and recommendations
  • Placements commence in March and August of each year
  • The students are supported in their work by the Subject Director through a series of lectures and seminars on topics such as applied business research methods, project management tools, structured problem-solving and best practice business communication.
  • The project work forms part of the students’ studies.
  • It is undertaken at no cost to the client organisation.
  • The University’s insurance policy covers the students whilst on placements

The consulting process

  • Students consult with a wide range of people within and outside the organisation (as necessary) to gather and analyse information prior to the preparation of a professional level consulting report of their findings and recommendations
  • The key deliverables of their consulting project is a 5,000 word report and a final presentation to the client organisation
  • Students are assisted in the consulting process by the Subject Director and coaches who provide mentoring, advice and direction regarding the project

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