Business Practicum

We consult with you to define a project of strategic importance, real business value, and impact.  Once confirmed, we build a student consultancy team of four to five high-performing students.

  • Masters level students studying a range of business disciplines from the Masters of Management suite of programs including business fields of Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Management, and Marketing.
  • Two modes of delivery:
    • Intensive two-week mode (across Winter or Summer), student team consults with you daily, and are based on your site
    • Semester long (12 weeks), student team consults with you weekly and are based on your site
  • The student team presents findings to a group of key stakeholders and produces a professional consulting report of 4,000 words.

Subject guide

Features of a Suitable Project

The project should be of strategic importance to the organisation or have a significant and valued operational impact. Projects are most often based around a single question and must be achievable in the timeframe.

A suitable project:

  • Is capable of being completed within the intensive or semester long time frame by a team of four to five student consultants.
  • Addresses an open-ended question for which various approaches can be applied and recommendations made.
  • Is not predominately an interview or survey (i.e. data gathering or research exercise) but also requires synthesis and analysis of data as the basis for recommendations. Please note within the intensive (2-week) mode of this subject it is not possible for students to conduct surveys, data for analysis needs to be made available by the host organisation in advance.
  • Must primarily require the application of business disciplines. If knowledge and understanding of non-business disciplines are required, it is anticipated that advisory assistance will be available from within the host organisation.
  • Provide access to relevant stakeholders and resources in your organisation.
  • You can find the project proposal form here, please complete and return it to for it to be considered for this program.  Please note completion of this form does not guarantee admission into the program, it must first go through a short approval process and meet academic requirements.

Engaging with the Student Team and Academic Supervision

Your student team will meet and consult with you on a daily (intensive mode) or weekly (semester mode) basis.

  • Currently, meetings between our industry partners and student teams occur in person.  During the Sydney  Winter Business Practicum, all meetings are in person.
  • Please also be available to answer questions via email or ad hoc meetings as they arise across the course of the project.
  • The team of students will be supported by an Academic Supervisor who will finalise the project scope with you prior to the practicum. They will also monitor progress and support the students throughout the project.
Please Note
  • You will need to allocate a Project Supervisor from within your organisation as a point of contact for students and to consult with them on the project.
  • We require two key contacts from your organisation to provide to the students.
  • Students are covered by the University of Melbourne’s Insurance Policy for the duration of the project.

Timeline: Summer, 2024

Summer 2024 - Business Practicum Intensive
(2 weeks, 20-24hrs per week onsite)
Phase 1: Getting ready
August - December 2023Step 1 (August - October 2023): Submit your project proposal. Places do fill fast, we recommend submitting your proposal as soon as possible
Step 2 (October - December 2023): Refine project scope with Academic Supervisor and/or Partnerships Team member
Step 3 (December 2023): Agree on times for students to meet with key stakeholders (maximum 20 hours per week)
Step 4 (December 2023): Sign and return the Industry Project Agreement
Step 5 (January 2024): Prepare for the students to tackle the project. Students will meet with you up to one week before the subject begins, to further scope and refine the project
Phase 2: Student Consulting & Presentations
The Project
29 January -
9 February 2024
Step 6: Day 1 - Welcome the team and introduce them to key project stakeholders; agree on preferred meeting times and methods; schedule the final presentation.
Step 7: Days 2-9 - Be available to the students throughout the consulting period. Meet with them daily to discuss the project and required data.
Step 8: Day 10 - Attend the presentation, provide constructive feedback and ask questions. Please note: for ease of scheduling, presentations are permitted to take place in the following few business days after the conclusion of the formal two weeks.
Phase 3: Wrap up
March 2024Step 9: Opportunity to provide feedback
Approximately four weeks after the conclusionStep 10: You will receive the final project report and recommendations

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