Data Sources

Data sets that researchers in the Unit are experienced with:

Indonesian Family Life Survey - A panel household survey of over 7000 households across 13 of Indonesia's provinces. Conducted in 1993 (IFLS1), 1997 (IFLS2), 2000 (IFLS3). IFLS is currently underway. These data are free and available from the website.

Indonesian Data Core - This web page describes data that are available from the Indonesian Statistical Agency. Some years of the Susenas, Sakernas, Supas, Statistik Industri and Podes are used by researchers in the department.

Other data sets:

Living Standards Measurement Surveys - Household surveys from around the world administered by the World Bank.

Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) - this site provides links to many different data sources for developing countries. These can be downloaded on line or instructions are given for how to obtain the data.