Research Students

Current PhD Students
Syafira ArhansyaGeographic Concentration, Product Fragmentation and Trade: the Case of Indonesia
Imogen Cara HalsteadCommunity Cooperation within a Market Economy: Conditions for Success
Shawn TanProductivity, Agglomeration and Trade Costs in India
Sui Lay Tan (MIAESR)Is there a Case for Further Regional Integration in the ASEAN5 Region?
Masters Students

David Knight ('08)

Aid Effectiveness in Fractionalised Countries

Honours Students
Michael Baker ('11)Dutch Disease and Services Trade
Ryan Gusman ('11)Does Foreign Aid Exacerbate Fragility? An Economic Analysis
Ka Ho ('11)How Chinese-style Aid Could Make or Break African Countries
Si Lai ('11)Expanding Varieties, Changing Demographics and the Saving Rate of China
Peng Lang ('11)Gains and Losses of an Australian-Malaysia Trade cooperation: a Gravity Model Impact Analysis
Di Niu ('11)An Empirical Study of the Effects of Urban Land Supply System on China's Real Estate Market
Owen Scrivener ('11)Corruption in India: Implications for the Manufacturing Industry
Charmaine Yuen ('11)The Consequences of Surging Food Prices for Poverty in India
Zi-Fan Xiang ('11)Can appreciation of the Renmindi Improve the Trade Balance of the US with China? New Evidence
Yak (Yiqun) Wang ('10)Fungibility of aid: a cross country analysis of the effect of foreign aid on public spending
Edward Vo ('10)An investigation into the dynamics of inflation in a small open economy: Case study in Vietnam
Ee Jen Lee ('10)The economics of racial discrimination: a Malaysian case study
Yu Meng Wang ('10)Is the Chinese aesthetic arts market a new opportunity for foreign investors? Risk, return and special features of the art market
Ariff Izzuddin Bin Mohammad Redzuan ('10)Analysing the effectiveness of foreign aid in post-tsunami Aceh
Christopher Elliott James ('10)The importance of Australia's trade complementarity: A gravity model analysis
James Fell ('09)The welfare cost of Japanese rice policy with home good preference and imperfect import substitution
Marina Zhang ('09)The Cultural Transmission of Trust, Reciprocity, Altruism and Preferences for Competition: an Experimental Analysis

Ruikang Marcus Fum ('08)

The Resource Curse and Income Inequality across Countries

Sruthi Srikanthan ('08)

Child Health and Education in Indonesia

Melissa Watson ('08)

Paternal Labour Supply in an Indonesian Context