Experimental Economics Seminar - Lise Vesterlund (University of Pittsburgh)

Experimental and Behavioural Economics Seminar Series

The Spot Building, Room 5018


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Siqi Pan; Maria Recalde

siqi.pan@unimelb.edu.au; maria.recalde@unimelb.edu.au

Title: Gender differences in negotiation: Dialing up or down

Abstract: Prof. Vesterlund’s research on gender differences in the labor market outcomes sheds light on why men continue to be more successful than women in climbing the corporate ladder. She has demonstrated systematic gender differences in behavior when deciding whether to enter a competition or a negotiation, or when asked to perform a non-promotable task. In uncovering the drivers of these differences her work points to mechanisms that can be put in place to secure that the best qualified candidates are those promoted.

Note: This keynote presentation is part of a Gender, Norms, and Economics Workshop taking place on Dec. 7. More information about the workshop can be found here.