The Future of Work (From Home) - A Centre for Market Design Workshop

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Prof David Byrne

Gain insights on The Future of Work (From Home) at the workshop presented by the Centre for Market Design, University of Melbourne

About this event

The Centre for Market Design invites you to The Future of Work (From Home) workshop.

How much do employees value work from home? How does work from home affect companies' productivity? What new diversity and mental health challenges does a work from home future present?

Please join us on campus, or virtually online, on Friday, June 3, 2022, where world-leading economic experts will present new insights into these burning questions surrounding the future of work specifically for industry and government stakeholders. The workshop is free, but registration is essential. Online participants will be sent a zoom link to the event after registration along with the program. Lunch and refreshments are provided followed by a networking event.

This program is being generously supported by the Samuel and June Hordern Endowment and the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne.

Please register to confirm your attendance.