Support services at the University

There are a range of support, both within the University and with external organisations, that may assist underrepresented and marginalised communities and their allies.

  • Safe Community Program: Provides support and advice to members of the University community about inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour.
  • Counselling & Psychological Services (CAPS): Provides free, confidential, short-term professional counselling to students and staff, as well as a range of workshops, mental health training, and helpful resources (link to the website:
  • Student Equity & Disability Support: Provides supports for students who need ongoing assistance with their studies.
  • Financial Aid: Provides information and advice about budgeting, managing debt and Centrelink payments, and can help students access assistance during times of financial hardship.
  • UMSU Advocacy: Free and confidential advocacy service for graduate, undergraduate, domestic, and international students.
  • International Graduate Student Wellbeing Group: Supports graduate international students to look after their health and wellbeing.
  • External support services: Lists recommended external support services for mental health emergencies, including suicide and crisis support.
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