Report an incident or issue

The University of Melbourne is committed to a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.

Bullying, harassment, discrimination, and sexual assault are always unacceptable.

The University of Melbourne has zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment. The University has clear codes of conduct and will not tolerate behaviour that does not meet our standards.

  • Student complaints and grievances: Processes and procedures required to raise or escalate a student complaint or grievance, including the reporting of sexual misconduct.
  • Raise a concern or issue: How to raise a concern or issue, and the processes, policies and services available at the University to help you seek a resolution.
  • Anonymous reporting: Provide information anonymously about inappropriate behaviour experienced or witnessed whilst at the University.
  • Inappropriate workplace behaviour line: Confidential reporting service providing a channel for employees and students to report inappropriate employee behaviour: unlawful discrimination; sexual harassment; harassment; sexual assault; bullying; stalking; victimisation, or vilification. Phone 1800 685 463
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