Leading the Organisation and its People

Organisations across all industry sectors are adopting new business models, restructuring their operations, offering different products and services, and applying new technologies that are profoundly reshaping the organisation of work and jobs.

To succeed, leaders must not only understand the nature of these changes and the consequences on organisational performance; they must also understand and influence the behaviours of individuals and groups within their organisations to maximise performance on social, environmental and financial dimensions.  The main focus areas of this research theme are:

  1. Understanding the sources of pressures to which organisations are responding, how senior leaders are making sense of these developments, and what measures they are introducing to adapt and survive
  2. The consequences of these changes on organisational performance outcomes, job and task demands, employment opportunities and job quality for different groups of workers
  3. The impact of leadership and management capabilities on employee well-being and engagement and how this affects organisational performance

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