Leading Market Performance

The ways in which organisations create value for customers is changing rapidly as firms experiment with co-creation business models and allow increasing external participation in the value creation process.

It is increasingly apparent that enormous value can be created at the boundary of the organisation, where it meets the customer.  Leaders need to understand the importance of business models that involve collaboration with customers and with other organisations in the value chain to the creation of customer, and company, value.  They also need to understand the critical role of frontline employees to this process.  The main focus areas of this research theme are:

  1. How firms can market, as well as source, innovation, and what is the contribution of the partnerships that firms develop with customers, suppliers, and others, on product and service innovation
  2. The role of frontline employees in value creation activities, such as customer education and service improvisation
  3. How internal and external customers behave and how they make decisions