The Centre for Workplace Leadership: dedicated to leadership research, improving the quality of leadership in Australian workplaces, and developing leaders.

Thomas Maak
Professor Thomas Maak

Welcome from the Centre Director

Welcome to the Centre for Workplace Leadership

Our mission is to produce knowledge that works in ‘real-world’ situations based on issues and challenges that face all Australian workplaces and leaders.

Our Vision is to develop world-class leadership capability in Australian organisations, working collaboratively at all levels to create productive, innovative and competitive outcomes.

Our Values

  • We believe in the power of knowledge and new ideas to transform leadership
  • We strive to be thought leaders in the area of leadership and workplace innovation
  • We are committed to working collaboratively with industry, government and academia
  • We have a public purpose

We work with government, large companies, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in cities, regions and rural areas, on workplace leadership challenges.

Our research focuses on

  1. Building the capability of frontline leadership
  2. Creating and sustaining a high performance workplace culture
  3. Transforming workplaces through technology and workplace innovation
  4. Workplace leadership for the future

Through our research

  • We share and translate Australian and global research insights on the leadership capabilities necessary for Australian organisations to meet critical leadership challenges such as globalisation, digital disruption, virtual teams, demographic change and the Asian century
  • We raise awareness of new ideas and Australian and international best practice on leadership
  • We add to the global body of knowledge on organisational dynamics and leadership success
  • We identify the leadership barriers to adoption of high performance work practices, innovation and productivity
  • We assess current leadership capability in Australian organisations and identify gaps and development needs
  • We create resources that are widely available and used by managers and organisations

Through our work with organisations

  • We help individual organisations, managers and teams meet organisational and innovation challenges, and work more effectively
  • We identify practices that can best help leaders tackle workplace challenges and harness their capacity to innovate and grow
  • We make evidence-based recommendations
  • We provide practical case studies and diagnostic tools that can be used by other workplaces
  • We help managers develop emerging and future leaders
  • We develop frontline and middle management leadership skills

Through our work with Government

  • We make evidence-based recommendations on policies, frameworks and measures to help Australian organisations be more productive, innovative and better places to work

Sources of support

The Centre for Workplace Leadership was established in 2013 as a joint initiative supported by the Federal Government and the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics.

Annual Reports