Markets & Institutions Workshop


Is the market an institution? If so, on what grounds?


In this half-day workshop, COSM explored the institutional nature of the market, comparing it to other institutional arrangements from historical, ethnographic, and sociological persepectives. Drawing on the new institutional economics theory of Ronald Coase, we examined the institutional nature of the market and compared it with other institutional arrangements.


Organizational Responses to Stigma Transfer: The Management of Image and Identity in a Social Enterprise
Dr Paul Tracey (University of Cambridge - Judge Business School)

Writing 'Accounting for Non-Convergence in Global Wool Marketing Before 1939: The Iron Cage Unlocked'
Professor David Merrett (The University of Melbourne)

Institutional Resistance and the Creation of New Standards: The Case of Cup of Excellence
Professor Simon Bell (The University of Melbourne) and Dr Paul Tracey(University of Cambridge - Judge Business School)

The Price You Can't Beat: The Righteousness of the Market
Dr Joeri Mol (The University of Melbourne) and Dr Justin Clemens (The University of Melbourne)

Consuming Nature: Perspectives from the Pacific
Dr Gergely Nyilasy (The University of Melbourne)