The Centre for Actuarial Studies in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne is proud to host the 10th Australasian Actuarial Education and Research Symposium (AAERS) in 2019.

The AAERS is an annual international actuarial conference, where researchers, industry practitioners and graduate students from different parts of the world meet and discuss future directions of actuarial research and teaching.

The theme for this year’s AAERS is “Actuarial Knowledge: From Theory to Practice.” Through the Symposium, it is our vision to recognise the significance of both theoretical actuarial research that has fundamental importance and practical actuarial research that has an immediate impact on the insurance industry, and to foster interactions between developments of theory and practice. In addition to sessions where academics, students and practitioners can present their research on different fields of actuarial science, a panel session on actuarial education with invited participants will be held during the symposium.

This year’s AAERS will feature prominent invited speakers, including Peter Ayton from the City University of London, Mary Hardy from the University of Waterloo, Yue-Kuen Kwok from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Greg Taylor from the University of New South Wales. It also welcomes contributed presentations in all areas of actuarial research – please refer to the Call for Papers for further information. Abstract submissions have now closed.

Registration is FREE.

For further information, please contact the organising committee at AAERS-2019@unimelb.edu.au.


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Please note that a conference in honour of Professor David Dickson will be held on December 5-6, 2019. You are also welcome to attend here.