Researcher in focus

Meet Dr Ingrid Burfurd, a Centre for Market Design Research Fellow.

Dr Ingrid Burfurd, a University of Melbourne Alumna, has returned to work as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Market Design. We welcome Ingrid, who has been working closely with Policy Director Gary Stoneham and Deputy Director Tom Wilkening.

Ingrid has worked as an economist in government and as a researcher. She was a senior economist with the state government, in the then-Department of Sustainability and the Environment, before returning to university. During her PhD Ingrid worked as a senior advisor on the UNFCCC's High-Level Panel to review the Kyoto Agreement's Clean Development Mechanism. Ingrid's PhD is in experimental economics and she uses microeconomic theory and experimental testing to improve public policy.  Until recently Ingrid worked as an economics lecturer at RMIT University.

The role of Research Fellow allows Ingrid to combine her interest in policy with her background in microeconomics. She particularly enjoys the chance to collaborate with policy and industry specialists from different backgrounds, and the challenges and rewards that come from communicating economic concepts to a broader audience.