Public seminar: Is proof overrated?

The concept of scientific proof is an important one in a rational society but what does "proof" really mean and how does it inform public policy?

Is proof overrated?

Sally Warhaft will host what promises to be a spirited debate on the subject. Our panellists – with a wealth of experience in both policy-making and research – will debate the idea, and importance, of proof in Australia.

Join Professor Peter Doherty, Associate Professor Megan Munsie, Dr Ranjana Srivastava, Professor Kate Auty, and Dr Sara Bice for a discussion of the role of research in the choices we make about everything from energy technologies, social equity, environmental policies to our use of medical breakthroughs and new communication technologies.

In four minute bursts, each speaker will make a case for proof – and then counter their own arguments with an equally persuasive case against it. The debate will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A before the audience decides the final result.

Presented in partnership with the University of Melbourne and the Wheeler Centre.


Athenaeum Theatre
188 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000