Going Nuclear: Reconsidering Australia's Energy Mix

Will nuclear ever be considered a sensible energy option by Australians?

Did Fukushima shake global confidence in nuclear power?

As Australia continues to balance the dual challenge of climate change response and energy security, the question of how nuclear energy can fit within the mix remains unanswered.

In this Centre for Market Design seminar, Dr Renaud Coulomb of the University of Melbourne will present his pioneering research which explores public fear about residing near nuclear power plants in the UK, monitoring house prices both before and after the Fukushima accident.
Mr Tony Wood, Director of the Energy Program at the Grattan Institute will discuss Dr. Coulomb’s research and how it applies to Australia’s perception of nuclear risk, as well as his report; ‘No easy choices: which way to Australia’s energy future?’
Associate Professor David Byrne, Director of Capability Building at the Centre for Market Design, will moderate the session.

This is a free seminar, but registration is essential as it is filling fast.

University of Melbourne
Prest Theatre
Ground Floor - FBE Building, 
111 Barry Street,
Carlton 3010