AJ Chauradia

Assistant Professor Amit Jain (AJ) Chauradia

AJ Chauradia is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. His research examines firms’ human capital strategies: what are they, how to generate a competitive advantage from them, and under what conditions they are effective? In his dissertation, AJ investigates the two main ways firms augment their human capital: building and acquiring. He seeks to advance this area of research in the strategic human capital literature by explaining how, when, and with what performance effects, firms engage in these human capital strategies. To test his hypotheses, AJ uses a panel data set that he constructed by combining several secondary data sources on the largest U.S. law firms over the last two decades. His goal is to leverage this data set to pursue deeper inquiries into human capital strategies. At ISB, he teaches strategic talent management in the post-graduate program. AJ enjoys swimming, playing frisbee, and practicing martial arts.