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Make new friends, learn all you need to know about getting set up for life at University and discuss your study and career goals with an experienced Academic.

Make friends through the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program

Your first year at university involves a lot of exciting, and at times challenging, change.

Getting help and advice from a more experienced student can really help you settle into your new life at university. From Orientation, you will be matched with a senior BCom student and group of fellow commencing peers, who will help you navigate your first few months. Your mentor group will provide support and friendship, and refer you to university services that can enable you to feel more connected to the wider community and help you succeed in your journey.

You will learn about:

  • Support services
  • Programs and events
  • Clubs and societies
  • Study and assignment tips
  • How to look after your wellbeing and more

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Liam Maslen – BCom Peer Mentor

Meet a BCom mentor

“Throughout the program, I have had an incredible opportunity to interact, learn and connect with new BCom students. The program has been enriching through regular interactive, fun and exciting sessions with my peers. I would encourage new students to engage and participate in this advantageous program.”

- Liam Maslen

Discuss your goals through Academic Advising

In the second semester of your first year of study, you will be matched with an accomplished academic in the Faculty of Business and Economics. You will have the opportunity to identify your areas of strength and personal interests, discuss your course options and seek personalised advice from an experienced professional about what’s on offer at the University.

You will meet with your adviser several times throughout your BCom. Your adviser will check in on your progress and help you make decisions about opportunities to take advantage of during your studies, so you feel confident in getting the most from your BCom.

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Ask An Academic

Your Academic Adviser is here to support you during your University journey and can help you find your place in our BCom community. Meet some of our Academic Advisers.

Meet some of our academic advisers!

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  • Angela Paladino
    Professor Angela Paladino
  • Helen Hu
    Associate Professor Helen Hu
  • Noel Boys
    Mr Noel Boys
  • Susan Ainsworth
    Professor Susan Ainsworth

When are my sessions?

First Year

Your Peer Mentoring sessions run several times throughout Semester 1 and once in Semester 2 of your first year. Your session times and dates can be found via your student portal.

Your Academic Advising sessions begin from your second semester of study. You will receive a notification letting you know that you have been matched with your adviser and that your first advising session has been scheduled. This first session is a group session with other students where you can discuss life at university, the various pathway options you can explore and the wide range of support services available at FBE.

Commencing semesterPeer Mentoring beginsAcademic Advising begins
Semester 1, 2022Semester 1, 2022Semester 2, 2022
Semester 2, 2022Semester 2, 2022Semester 1, 2023
Semester 1, 2023Semester 1, 2023Semester 2, 2023

Second Year

In your second year, you will meet with your adviser twice - once in first semester, then again in second semester. These are 1-on-1 sessions with your adviser where you can discuss your personal, academic and career goals. You also have the option of scheduling an additional session in your third year, if you would like to touch base with your adviser again.

Year 1 (second semester) 1 x 1-hour group meeting
Year 2 2 x 30-minute individual 1:1 meetings
Year 3 1 x 30-minute individual 1:1 meeting (optional)

Visit Academic Advising at Melbourne for more details on the benefits, timeline and support services available to you, as well as answers to several FAQs.

If you're an experienced student looking for information on how to be a mentor, visit Peer Mentoring.

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