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Global Careers Week 2021: Reaching a Global Community

While the pandemic has made the prospect of travel for work and pleasure a distant reality and grounded business and individuals in different ways, it has also brought about many stories of innovation, resilience and change.

In this edition of Global Careers Week, we shone a spotlight on companies and individuals that have been in the business of reaching a global community.

Changing Lanes in a Pandemic: Building a Global Business on YouTube

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What would convince someone to take the plunge? In this pre-recorded interview, we chat with YouTube content creators Beryl Shereshewsky and Randy Lau who have changed lanes to make connecting a global community a new career and business over food.


Beryl Shereshewsky

Randy Lau

Shopify: Reaching a Global Community through E-Commerce

Even prior to the pandemic, e-commerce companies like Shopify were already in the business of connecting retailers with customers from around the world. On Monday 16 August, we interviewed Senior Merchant Success Manager, Paul Cochrane, who shared his personal journey in e-commerce, as well as stories and case studies of businesses that have found their way in the face of a global pandemic.

Speaker: Paul Cochrane, Senior Success Manager - Shopify Plus

Paul Cochrane is a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus where he works with some of the fastest-growing brands in Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining Shopify 3 years ago, Paul ran an e-commerce business on Plus and worked remotely in Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand.