Peer Mentoring

The Melbourne Peer Mentor Program aims to make the transition to university life easier and more enjoyable by connecting first year students with a peer mentor and a group of first-year peers, providing students with a network for advice and support.

Become a BCom Peer Mentor

Becoming a Peer Mentor in the Faculty of Business and Economics represents an exciting opportunity to give back to the Faculty and wider University community.

As a mentor, you will help to create connections between commencing students by passing on the knowledge that you have developed throughout your journey at the University. You will help new students to make friends, find their way around campus and more.

Mentoring will develop your leadership and communication skills, which are in high demand in the modern workplace. You will be supported as a mentor by an experienced group of Peer Leaders and the FBE Student Life Team.

The perks?

  • Make new friends and help students find their feet in the first few months of their university journey
  • Develop leadership and communication skills which are in high demand in the modern workplace
  • Gain a deeper understanding of cultural differences and diversity
  • Get recognised and receive a Certificate of Recognition

If you're in your first year and looking to connect with a mentor, visit Your Mentor and Adviser.

“Being part of the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program has been one of the highlights of my time in the university. Through the program, I have been able to grow both professionally and socially and inspire the incoming university students. My team had lot of fun taking part in the GooseChase Challenges and this helped us get closer to each other. The workshops offered by the Student Life team has helped me become a better mentor. I strongly believe that this program has helped students navigate various challenges as they continue to live, work and study in Melbourne.”

- Jenslie George, BCom student

How can I become a Melbourne Peer Mentor?

  • Eligibility

    To become a peer mentor, you will need to be:

    • A current University of Melbourne student
    • In good academic standing (no academic misconduct or at risk)
    • Able to attend compulsory training and Orientation
    • Able to commit to at least 20 hours of volunteering throughout the year
    • If you are a graduate student, priority will be given to those who have completed a degree at the University of Melbourne, or in a commerce degree at another institution


    • Experience as a mentor
    • Experience as a mentee
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities
    • Clubs/societies membership
  • Time commitment

    As a peer mentor, you’ll need to commit to approximately 20 hours of volunteering, including:

    • 30-minute online training module
    • Two-hour online group training
    • Maintaining regular contact with your mentees
    • Attending Orientation: Meet your mentees at the launch in Orientation, and run an activity
    • Lead 4 additional group sessions
    • Actively promoting and attending program social events throughout the semester
    • Providing feedback via surveys and focus groups as required
  • Applications

    See what other students have to say about becoming a mentor, read FAQs and learn more here.

    Applications to become a mentor for Semester 2, 2022 have closed.

Participating as a Peer Mentor has been an extremely rewarding experience, and a fantastic addition to my university experience. I've loved being able to give back to the community in sharing my knowledge and experience, as well as being able to give new undergraduate students a safe and friendly environment to introduce them to life at UniMelb. You get plenty of support from the Student Life team, and they run great workshops to help you with your facillitator and professional skills. And as a bonus: the Peer Mentor jumper is pretty cool!

- Vincent Susilo, BCom student

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