Alumni Q&A - Nayomi Alexander

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)(2005)

Current role/company:
Lead Customer Success Manager (Global Accounts & Connected Enterprise), LinkedIn

Tell us about your experience since leaving university. How have you come to your current position?

Three things: networks, perseverance and an open mind!

Is this the sort of role you always wanted to be in, or were there some twists and turns along the way?

At university I very much enjoyed the breadth of the commerce degree and exposure to many areas of business in my management specialisation. Customer Success didn’t exist back then, but the overall role is very close to what I aspired to from my days at university - helping address business challenges and make a meaningful impact in the way organisations attract, recruit and retain their people.

How do you think the working world may have evolved over the last few years?

Each year I see new trends and greater technology driving more efficacy and efficiency. Now looking ahead to a post COVID-19 world, I’m excited to see new possibilities for remote workers, truly flexible roles and greater appreciation for purpose and wellbeing in the workplace.

What kind of challenges have you had to overcome recently?

Probably similar to most - adjusting to the new COVID-19 working rhythms, which is essentially taking each day as it comes and focusing on things in my sphere of influence. Sometimes easier said than done!

What do you think the most valuable skills for new graduates entering the workforce are?

Resilience and reflection. I work, as in life, bouncing back from set backs is a great skill but you also need to take a moment to reflect on what you learned about yourself from that experience and what you’ll do differently next time.

If you’d like to ask Nayomi more about her experiences, connect with her on LinkedIn and mention you have read the Q&A.