Queenie Chow

Queenie Chow - BA/BCom (2012)

Candidate Summary
For me, university is a place that gives students the opportunity to dream big, challenge oneself and follow one’s passion. In providing the necessary support to students in achieving this goal, the Alumni Council is a vital link connecting the university and the alumni network. I would be greatly honoured to serve as part of the council in fostering the alumni-student relationship at Melbourne University.

During university days, I was grateful to be part of the Student Ambassador Leadership Program (SALP), student legal aid, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program, the Actuarial Students' Society, Student Orientation Days and various other student society activities. Since graduation, I have been an active member of mentorship programs like Faculty's Mentorship program and Ask Alumni. I have also taken various opportunities in sharing my work experience with student clubs and the general alumni network.

I often like to describe myself as an “actuary without border” as I am passionate about global development with a vision of making finance and insurance inclusive to everyone. Having worked across Africa and Asia, I can bring to the council a wide global network beyond Australia with a wealth of international experience. Furthermore, with a unique background in actuarial science and innovation with experience across corporate, start-up and public sector, I will certainly add valuable diversity within the alumni council. I would be thrilled to be part of the Alumni Council in serving the University of Melbourne and its community.

Queenie Chow is a qualified Actuary with the Australian Actuaries Institute and currently works as an independent consultant in the inclusive insurance space. She likes to describe herself as an “actuary without border” as she is passionate about global development with a vision of making finance and insurance accessible to everyone. After graduating from a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Spanish, she worked several years in corporate consultancy within the retirement and investment space in Australia. Having done some pro-bono consulting in micro-insurance in West Africa, this opened doors to working with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as part of the UN. As an Impact Insurance Fellow, she provided technical inputs and project management support in innovation projects in the inclusive insurance across Kenya and Philippines. She has also won awards in innovation competition with the Chinese Australia Millennial Program and are part of the social change networks like Change Maker Xchange. Her passion continues to lie in managing risk for the underserved as she starts her social venture bundling tea and agricultural insurance for small-scale farmers.