Woei Teoh

Woei Teoh -  MIntBus (2005)

Candidate Statement

I would like to be a candidate for FBE Alumni Council because I am passionate about a better representation for the international Alumni community. I’ve been active in the alumni community, having previously served as secretary for the UK Alumni Association, focusing on bringing together new and long-term members. During that time, I developed an intimate understanding of our multi-national graduate community on the move globally. I strongly believe in the opportunities of the growing economy in the Middle East where I currently reside, and I am confident we can build this strong network here and bring everyone together.

I grew up in Malaysia, migrated to Australia to complete secondary and tertiary education, including 2 years at UoM for my Master of International Business.

Since graduating, I’ve built my career living and working in Melbourne, New York, London and now Dubai. I worked in both technology and business capacity across different industries such as regulatory & compliance in investment banking, consulting for retirement funds, higher education, and currently in healthcare management.

I believe my firsthand understanding of being part of the global alumni community will enable positive contribution to the council and bridge the gap in what happens in Melbourne and internationally.


A determined, adaptable, and ambitious Professional with strong experience in operational excellence, digital transformation & strategy, business systems, applications, and banking, in the Middle East, Europe, USA, and Australia. Bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, a diversity of experiences, and an ability to foster a culture of continuous improvement.