Kartik Iyer

Kartik Iyer -  BCom (2015)

Candidate Statement

We need to rebuild post-COVID, and the next two years will be a critical period for this. Both the University and the alumni community were hampered by its effects, and we need to rebuild a stronger and more resilient community.

Over the last five years, I have become one of the most passionate and dedicated members of the young alumni community (alumni under 35) through my role on the Young Alumni Committee (YAC). Starting as a member in 2015, I was humbled to be appointed as the 2021 President.

During my time, I have helped execute the Faculty’s alumni engagement strategy, facilitated hundreds of alumni connections, and championed events themed around sustainability and technology, issues that will impact every member of the alumni community.

I hope to draw on the above experiences to rebuild the alumni community over the next two years.


Kartik graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) in 2015. Since graduating, he has become a strong advocate for the role business and finance need to play in solving some of our most complex social and environmental challenges.

He is currently the Chief Financial Officer at AbilityMade, a technology start-up that leverages 3D technologies to create custom-made medical devices to help children with disabilities walk. Outside of his full-time job, he volunteers as a non-executive director on two not-for-profit boards; Climate for Change and 100 Story Building.

During his studies, Kartik was involved with the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative (MMI), a student society mostly made up of Faculty students. At MMI, he came to appreciate the importance of building an engaged alumni community. In 2018 he founded MMI’s Alumni Council, a group of alum of both the Faculty and the student society. The Council supports the student committee with operational matters and helps drive alumni engagement.