FBE Young Alumni Committee

About the Committee

The Young Alumni Committee represent the needs of the young alumni community. Its members offer guidance to the Faculty on the young alumni program to ensure that it is relevant and valuable.

The Committee also engage with current students to ensure they understand the value of staying connected to the alumni community after they graduate.

The Committee, consisting of seven members, reports to the Faculty of Business and Economics Alumni Council via the Young Alumni Committee President, who sits on the Council as a Vice-Chair.

Committee members serve for a maximum of two 2-year terms. With the exclusion of the President and Vice-President, new Committee members go through an interview process. When positions are available, young alumni will be invited to express their interest. The President is appointed from the existing membership.

Committee Members

Lily Hodder

Lily Hodder (President)

Consultant, Deloitte (BCom, 2016)

Having lived across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Europe, Lily recognises the importance of a strong, connected, and diverse community and is excited to take this into her role with the Young Alumni Committee.

While completing her Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Marketing), Lily was active in the Faculty of Business & Economics community through her role as Project Leader at Melbourne Microfinance Initiative and in undertaking the Management Consulting capstone subject. During her studies, Lily was also able to gain experience in the public policy sector, through her role at the Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic). This involved improving the provision of government services through policy reform and service design.

Today, alongside her career as a Consultant at Deloitte, and previously Accenture, Lily supports various not-for-profits, social impact start-ups and organisations, as well as youth education initiatives in an advisory capacity. She is currently pursuing a law degree with the aim of enacting social change through her experience and studies in consulting, technology, and law.

Doris Wu

Doris Wu (Vice-President)

Commercial Analyst, Culture Amp, (MMgt(Fin) 2015)

Doris is a curious and creative individual with a passion for building connections across cultures. After obtaining her Master of Management (Finance) from the University of Melbourne, she has actively engaged with the alumni community. Doris strongly believes that diversity and inclusion are essential for building strong communities and fostering growth, and she brings this mindset to everything she does.

Professionally, Doris is a seasoned leader with a track record of driving impactful change and making data-driven decisions. As the Data & Analytics Lead at EstimateOne, she leads a team of analysts and scientists, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment that empowers her team to innovate and grow. Prior to this role, Doris held leadership positions in various industries, including FMCG and Technology, where she demonstrated her ability to drive results and deliver value.

Beyond her professional experience, Doris is passionate about exploring different cultures through food and travel. As a food blogger, she shares her culinary adventures and connects with people from all over the world. Doris believes that food is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers and brings people together.

Queenie Chow

Queenie Chow

Senior Consultant, MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman, BA, BCom (2012) GCert Health Inf & Dig Health

Queenie calls herself an “actuary without borders” – a passionate actuary working in global development and inclusive insurance. She works with the MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman as Senior Consultant. Inspired to make insurance accessible to all, Queenie has worked with the Impact Insurance Facility of UN’s International Labour Organization across countries like Kenya, Togo, China and Philippines etc. She is a qualified actuary with over a decade of consulting experience and sits on multiple boards including the Young Actuaries Advisory Board, Palladians Association and Actuaries of the World. Queenie was recently given the “40 under 40: most influential Asian-Australian Awards”.

Luke Corson

Luke Corson

Policy Officer, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (BCom 2018)

Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Economics) in 2018. He is a policy officer at the Victorian Government's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning working on energy efficiency policy. Since graduating, Luke worked in digital marketing at the Essendon Football Club and then in a digital advisory role at ntegrity. During his studies, Luke undertook the Global Management Consulting practicum in Shanghai, China. Luke was a student writer for the Students’ Association of Management and Marketing (SAMM) and was involved in the state executive for UN Youth Victoria. In his spare time, Luke enjoys hiking, playing guitar and volunteering.

Omar Hassoun

Omar Hassoun

Financial Analyst, Department of Treasury and Finance (BCom 2017)

Omar graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) in 2017 and is currently a financial analyst at the Department of Treasury and Finance for the State of Victoria.

During his studies, Omar was involved in the Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) at the University of Melbourne where he served as president and board member from 2016 to 2017.  He was also a member of the organising committee and a facilitator for the Future Leaders Forum.

In his spare time, Omar enjoys playing double bass, soccer and volunteering at community sporting organisations.

Kass Pappas

Senior Manager, Reveal Group, BCom (2016)

Kass graduated the BCom with majors in Finance and Marketing.  Her focus has since pivoted to enterprise digital transformation, and is now delivering intelligent automation programs at Reveal Group.

During her studies, Kass represented the University in international case competitions in Copenhagen and Auckland. She completed the Global Management Consulting program in San Francisco, and a summer abroad in Italy during her concurrent diploma of languages.

Kass was also involved in the Clubs and Societies space, serving as president on the Commerce Students Society and 180 Degrees Consulting. She is looking forward to closely engaging with the FBE community again.

Jeff Xia

Jeff Xia

Business Analyst, McKinsey and Company, BCom (2020)

Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) in 2020 and is currently a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

During university, Jeff was the President of 180 Degrees Consulting, as well as being a grateful recipient of multiple faculty scholarships such as the Margaret Abernethy Scholarship for Leadership. Jeff is a passionate environmentalist: he has co-founded a sustainability non-profit, researched at a leading climate think tank and is currently in the middle of drafting his first paper on Chinese steel emissions with A/Prof Leslie Martin.

When not in lockdown, you can find him hiking with a DJI in tow, jamming on the piano, or playing a round of golf.

Jessica Zhang

Jessica Zhang

Financial Analyst, Kraft Heinz, MMgt (2018)

Kezhan (Jessica) graduated with a Master of Management Accounting from Melbourne University and double Bachelor of Arts and Media Communications from the Communication University of China. She is currently a Financial Analyst at KraftHeinz. Having travelled/studied in over 15 countries with work experiences across broadcasting, consulting, e-commerce and start-ups, she is passionate about contributing to cross-cultural dialogues and supporting positive community engagement.  During her time at Melbourne University, she was awarded Victorian International Student of the Year in 2018 by the Victorian State Government and served as Vice President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). She has been a strong advocate for women and international students, including presenting employment and wellbeing issues of international students to government, university committees and other NFPs. She has also enjoyed her volunteer experience as a student ambassador of Melbourne Business School and participating in Study Melbourne L.I.V.E Projects, assisting clients in Victoria's industries and priority sectors. Alongside her full time job, Jessica volunteers her time working as Head of HQ Marketing in Global Consulting Group, which provides pro-bono consulting services to other charities and NFPs. She is actively involved in Access Connections and Ask Alumni as a career mentor and educational events as a panelist/delegate.

Committee Events

The Committee assist the Faculty with running a number of social and professional development events within the Business and Economics Young Alumni Program.

Check out the events calendar for upcoming alumni events.