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Stay connected with fellow alumni, the Faculty and the University through our global networks and activities.

There are more than 66,000 alumni of the Faculty of Business and Economics living and working in over 100 countries. Armed with ambition for global careers, many Business and Economics alumni work with peers and the University to support fellow alumni in remaining connected.

The Faculty is committed to supporting alumni networks and communities in Australia and beyond, and we do this by working with the University’s official groups and networks and seeking advice from our three international members of the Faculty’s Alumni Council.

Core to our alumni outreach globally is our Dean's Events series, which provides alumni with an opportunity to network with each other and hear Faculty updates in ten cities around the world. We invite you to events and activities based on where you are located so if any of your details change, let us know.

You can also stay in touch with the Faculty and fellow alumni via LinkedIn and Facebook.

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The University of Melbourne has numerous formal and informal networks operating throughout these locations, as well as in Japan.

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