• Cheng Lai, University of New South Wales
    23rd October: Modelling the Accruals Process and Assessing Unexpected Accruals
  • Jacqueline Birt, Monash University
    16th October: The Value Relevance of Segment Reporting
  • Irene Tutticci, University of Queensland
    18th September: What influences Analysts Target Prices
  • Miao Bin, National University of Singapore
    4th September: Do Dividend Changes Reflect Managers' Expectations of Future Earnings?
  • Ralph Kober, Monash University
    28th August: The Emergence and Utilisation of Management Control Systems in a High Growth Firm
  • Jonathan Rogers, University of Chicago
    7th August: Disclosure Tone and Shareholder Litigation
  • Jennifer Grafton, University of Melbourne
    31st July: Competition, Collaboration and Control
  • Vicky Arnold, University of Central Florida
    24th July: The Impact of Information Tagging in the MD&A on Investor Decision Making: Implications for XBRL
  • Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame
    17th July: Another Look at Equity and Enterprise Valuation Based on Multiples
  • Steve Sutton, University of Central Florida
    26th June: Enterprise Risk Management: Re-conceptualising the Role of Risk and Trust on Information Sharing in Transnational Alliances
  • Grace Hsu, University of Queensland
    29th May: Discretionary Managerial Disclosure in Response to AIFRS Adoption in Interim Financial Reports
  • Noel Harding, The University of New South Wales
    22nd May: Evidentiary Triangulation in an Electronic Audit Workpaper Environment
  • Yaowen Shan, University of Technology Sydney
    8th May: Errors in Estimating Unexpected Accruals in the Presence of Large Net External Financing
  • Jere Francis, University of Missouri
    3rd April: Acquisition Profitability and Timely Loss Recognition
  • Basil Tucker, University of South Australia
    13th March: Performance on the Right Hand Side - Investigating Organisational Performance as an Independent Variable
  • Andrew Ferguson, University of Technology Sydney
    6th March: Voluntary Disclosure in Gold Mine Feasibility Studies