• David Brown, University of Technology Sydney
    10th October: Management Control Systems in Enabling University Research Performance
  • Jeff Coulton, University of New South Wales
    19th September: Corporate Payout Policies in Australia
  • Jim Frederickson, Melbourne Business School
    12th September: The Effects of Supplemental Revenue Forecasts on Analyst Assessments of Earnings Forecast Credibility and Earnings Persistence
  • Carol Zhou Yunxia, University of Queensland
    5th September: Bank Loan Loss Provisions and Capital Management Under the Basel Accord
  • Kieran James, University of Southern Queensland
    29th August: Is Accounting Conservatism More Pronounced for Chinese Companies Cross-listed on an Overseas Exchange?
  • Peter Clarkson, University of Queensland
    22nd August: The Impact of IFRS Adoption on the Value Relevance of Book Value and Earnings
  • Shane Dikolli, Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
    Honouring One's Word: CEO Integrity and Accruals Quality