Tutor Opportunities

Key dates for Semester 2

23 July to 19 October 2018

Teaching period (12 teaching weeks)

22 September to 28 September

Non-teaching period (no tutorials held)

29 October to 16 November

Examination marking period

What is the workload for new casual tutors?

The Department's tutorials are scheduled for one hour or 90 minutes (dependent on the subject) with most classes timetabled Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:15pm.  New tutors will, initially, be restricted to a maximum of three tutorials. Where possible, these will be scheduled on the same day.

What subject are new casual tutors allocated to?

As part of the application process you may indicate your subject preference(s).  Preferences will be considered when allocating successful applicants to a subject.  Due to the number of tutorials scheduled in our first-year subjects, new tutors may be assigned to ACCT10001 Accounting Reports and Analysis or ACCT10002 Introductory Financial Accounting.

Are there any additional obligations?

By taking on the role of a tutor, you are responsible for an allocation of examination marking and for all marking associated with your tutorial groups.  There are tight deadlines associated with all marking.  Tutors undertaking their own study should be aware that examination marking occurs during the University’s standard examination period.  It is expected that you will be available for marking until the examination period concludes.

Tutors are also required to conduct a weekly one hour student consultation associated with the delivery of tutorials and may also be requested to attend subject-related meetings during the semester.

Do casual tutors need to attend any training?

All new tutors must complete the Tutoring in Business and Economics program delivered by the Faculty’s Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. The initial session of this program occurs in the week prior to the start of the semester with additional sessions throughout the semester. You will be paid for attending.

What about reappointment?

Tutors are engaged on a semester by semester basis. Reappointment and the number of tutorials offered is dependent on several factors including subject enrolment numbers, subject offerings and Subject Experience Survey (SES) feedback. Completion of the Tutoring in Higher Education program is also a condition of continued employment.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted through the online Casual Tutor Recruitment System by Tuesday 15 May 2018.

When are interviews held?

Interviews are held on campus in January and applicants are required to attend in person. Shortlisted applicants will be advised of details by email at least one week prior to the interview date.

Further questions?

You should familiarise yourself with the information contained in the Position Description. It provides contact details for general enquiries should you have questions.