Research Spotlight

The MCCGR database is a central access point for researchers, academics and students alike to easily access data across an array of topics; including accounting, business and finance, and various Australian markets.

About the MCCGR Database and GitHub

The MCCGR database is comprises about 1TB of data. The MCCGR database is contained in a PostgreSQL server, which allows researchers connect to it using various packages, including R, Python, Stata, and SAS.

Some examples of the data you can find and work with on the MCCGR database include:

  • CRSP/Compustat
  • StreetEvents

Working with the MCCGR Data

The MCCGR database is available to researchers affiliated with the University of Melbourne. To gain access to this database, you will need to create a login through the MCCGR by contacting

Code and documentation related to the MCCGR database is hosted on GitHub.

MCCGR Database